Prayers To Use



Father, I admit that of myself, I am powerless over this condition; but with your healing love, and through the works demonstrated by Jesus to strengthen me, I can do all things.  I open myself up to the healing energy that is always available to me in my mind, body and affairs.  Help me to demonstrate as Jesus did, that I have the faith to see myself whole.    If anything exists within my mind, my soul or my life that remains a barrier to a complete healing, I ask Lord that it be removed now.  I surrender all that I am to you.    May your Will be done this day in me as it is in Heaven. I am truly grateful.    Amen.


God, the giver of all that is, move into my heart and open it to the awareness of the abundance that is everywhere present.  Teach me how to know that I am being provided for in every time of need.   Show me what awaits me when I awaken to your all-providing goodness and love.  I trust you as the Source of all my good.  Lord, strengthen me when I begin to doubt that this is true.   Show me your way.   Amen.


Father, as I begin my busy day, show me where your Will might best be done.  Lead me along peaceful paths and make clear the rough and untrodden places.   Be my feet, be my hands, be my ears, and be my sight.   Help me to see where there is need.   Let me hear a call for love.    Allow me to touch where healing is called for.  Guide me where you want me to be, so that I may do what you want me to do.   I am open and receptive to your guidance and direction. Your Will is mine and my will is thine.  Lord, I live to serve you.  Amen.


Lord, I have doubted your goodness, misinterpreted your guidance, listened to the wrong voices and allowed myself to become hardened of heart to the needs of my brothers and sisters.  I have focused too long on the outer trappings and temptations of the physical world and have given too little attention to the Christ that lives in me.  I have not always been as kind, loving, fair or truthful, as you would have me be.   I am sorry for these mistakes and accept your unconditional love and forgiveness.   Give me the courage to face the truth about myself, the humility to seek your forgiveness, the willingness to accept your grace and the power to be the person I was meant to be.  Through the power, life, light, love, authority and victory of Jesus Christ may I act in all ways as He did.  Amen.


Cleanse me, Father, from all conscious and subconscious failure to obey you.   Let me enter into Your presence and see as You see.  Let me bring forth Your glory that the outer may become as the within.   Where You dwell in love and purity and peace, let me dwell there also.     Amen